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In verband met het coronavirus vinden coachgesprekken plaats op 1.5M afstand.

Our promise

Our 7 coaches are specialized in the challenges of people aged 20 and 30
Our coaches focus on what is already going well (appreciative coaching)
Our coaches are certified and have at least 5 years work experience as a coach

Manou van Eerten

Founder and Coach

+3120 2101 702

Onze coaches

Paula de Loor Utrecht I guide people through this phase of their lives with dedication and pleasure. Why? Because I believe that when you take a step back at this age and consciously make time for reflection on your own way of life, you can make more... millennialcoach, jobcoach

Claudia Hettinga Amsterdam When you are in your twenties or thirties, you will often be asked a number of questions. You've already started your first or second job and you're thinking: is this it? How do I keep a balance between my career and my private life? What... millennialcoach, jobcoach

Nathalie Hugenholtz Amsterdam What if you just can't remember why you're doing certain things? What if your life suddenly starts to move? Then there's no point in standing still. Together we will investigate your question, problem or wish. And above all: who you... millennialcoach, jobcoach

Pepijn Happel Eindhoven Until a few years ago, I worked as regional director of a large bank: great job, fine colleagues and not a minute's rest. I did what I was good at: building teams, helping team members with their personal development, and doing good things... millennialcoach, jobcoach

Manou van Eerten Amsterdam Since 2011, I have been coaching people in their twenties and thirties with career questions and/or quarter life crisis. With the establishment of The ME Company, I chose this target group because I notice that people are still full of... millennialcoach, jobcoach

Tilli G. Liberman Online / Tel Aviv I consider coaching as a hugely powerful intervention for positive change; straightforward and fast to embed. I will help you to look for your best qualities and strengths, understanding your future path and how all that serves you in... millennialcoach, jobcoach