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Coach: Corine van Herk

My name is Corine and I work as a coach in Rotterdam. I graduated in political history and philosophy in 2009. When, after several other jobs as a project manager and manager, I decided to really start working as a coach, I realized that all the ingredients of my career came together: my love for analysing issues (philosophy), exploring the roots of how we live (history), working on concrete results (project management) and guiding people in examining their issues. Together they form what I love most: coaching people.
I enjoy going into the depths together and finding out the struggles. With a dose of humour and in a Rotterdam way: action instead of talking. Together, we'll answer your question.

What was your quarter life crisis?

Yep, the quarter life crisis, been there, and done that. When I was in my early 30s, I had no idea where I was headed. I had the certainty of a good salary, a long-term relationship and a (spacious) roof over my head. Life was laid out for me. And yet, I was constantly searching for a missing piece of the puzzle and there was always an indefinable feeling inside of me that this was not what I wanted.

I learned to look beyond certainties, beyond everything I thought was important. Suddenly I saw that there were many more choices - exciting choices! I learned to let go, to feel free, to take responsibility for my happiness and above all: I got to know myself.

How can I help you?

As a fellow thirty-year-old, I understand your language and get your life. I know the feeling of not being where you want to be, of the innumerable possibilities but the lack of a sense of direction. I'll help you with the questions that matter to you. What do you really want to do and what prevents you from realizing it? On what fronts do you feel you're not really yourself? What's stopping you from getting more out of your work, your relationship, your life?

I support you in making the choices that are right for you. To become yourself.

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Corine van Herk