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Coach: Eva van Duin

I’ve always been interested in the minds of people. Therefore I decided, after a career as a balletdancer, to study psychology. By now I’m a lifespan psychologist, certified mindfulness trainer and most importantly an enthusiastic and dedicated coach.

Having doubts, dealing with dilemma’s, not feeling well. It can be a difficult challenge. But it also opens possibilities. Possibilities of (self) reflection, realisations, specifying what fits you best, changes. Knowing what you want and don’t want and next to that keeping in mind that life can bring unexpected changes, is from my point of view a golden formula to a life with satisfaction, growth and success. A life I wish for everyone!

I consider my way of coaching as involved, positive and safe. With profound inquiry, humour and a touch of Dutch common sense as well.

How were you in your thirties, and/or what was your thirties dilemma?

Turning thirty, life looked a lot different than I had expected and hoped. I was recovering from a burn-out. I wasn’t able to work nor study, the relationship I was in stranded and I moved back in with my parents. But… I also got to know myself a lot better. And was taking better care of myself. I started with meditation and yoga and realised that nature was a powerful tool for me to relax and re-energize.

I know what it’s like to doubt about your career or general path in life, with all its choices. I know the hopeless feeling of not knowing which next steps to take and what courage is needed when you do know. And I know how helpful it can be to ask the aid of a professional.

I honestly think it is an honour to coach and witness someone’s development.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!


  • Thirties dilemma
  • Jobcoaching
  • Mindfulness


Het Coachhuis Haarlem
Diakenhuisweg 39
2033 AP Haarlem
Het Coachhuis Heemstede
Herenweg 115
2105 MG  Heemstede


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