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Coach: Nathalie Hugenholtz

“There’s only one way to find out…”

What if you just can't remember why you're doing certain things? What if your life suddenly starts to move? Then there's no point in standing still.

Together we will investigate your question, problem or wish. And above all: who you are.

Being honest with yourself and others - and I mean really honest - not only gives you a fresh perspective, but also the confidence to be more creative and to anticipate change.

I will guide you in mapping out your strength and possibilities during a coaching programme.

And most importantly: we will immediately put the ideas that arise into practice. Because without new experiences, nothing changes. Together we will make sure you continue with motivation, inspiration and positive energy.

I am originally an educationalist and a sociologist in the field of work and organisation. I have been using Appreciative Inquiry for more than ten years in organisations and teams that I supervise during transformations. In recent years, after an intensive post-graduate course to become a transformational coach, I also specialized in Appreciative Inquiry coaching. In 2015, I completed my international training as an Appreciative Coach.
What typifies me? My positive and honest approach: I am not afraid to enter into and strengthen a dialogue. Without being judgemental, I will confront you in a warm way with your behaviour and help you lay out and realize your desired change. By asking the right questions with an open mind, I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. I will listen attentively and ensure reflection, progress, structure and clear results.