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Coach: Manou van Eerten

Since 2011, I have been coaching people in their twenties and thirties with career questions and/or quarter life crisis. With the establishment of The ME Company, I chose this target group because I notice that people are still full of dreams and expectations at the start of their careers. I think that's a wonderful energy to work with. Besides, you're still open to your environment! Although this makes you vulnerable at the same time. I find it an honour to be a coach for this group, that they entrust me with their problems, questions and dilemmas and that I can guide them for a while on their path of life.

How were you in your thirties, and/or what was your quarter life crisis?

After studying Organizational Anthropology, I had decided that I wanted to become an organization consultant. I thought it would be great to work for different organizations and help them improve their organization. However, I soon realized that it was mostly about politics and content. I was more interested in the human side, in communication, in what wasn’t said at the table. I was terrified to talk about that though.
You can see that in this photo. I don't even dare to look into the camera and I’m sitting behind my laptop! A 'true' organization consultant, haha! At the time, I thought it was a beautiful photo.
It has taken me a great deal of perseverance and courage to dare to take the steps towards self-employment. The first step was to follow a coaching course that allowed me to call myself a professional coach.

How do you help millennials/why should a millennial be coached by you specifically?

From my own experience I know how scary it is to step outside your comfort zone and have to make choices that differ from what you think is the beaten path. Moreover, I have coached more than 250 millennials find a career or life path that better suits their needs.
I'll help you make your expectations about yourself realistic. I do this, for example, by making a step-by-step plan together with you to focus on how you can make your dreams come true. I coach you by mirroring you with gentleness, confrontation and, if necessary, giving you an extra push to do the things you won’t do on your own.

I look forward to getting to know you!

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