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Coach: Paula de Loor

With dedication and pleasure I guide people in their twenties and thirties in this phase of their lives. Why? Because I believe that if you take a step around this age and consciously make time for reflection on your own way of life, you can make more self-conscious choices. This way you can get closer to your individuality. Being who you are and doing what you love most.

"I pause for a moment, and that is quite a progress" is a statement by Bertolt Brecht that characterizes my way of coaching well. By standing still you come to a story and get in touch with what it really is all about for you. Standing still does not mean that we do nothing.

How were you in your thirties, and / or what was your thirties dilemma

When I was thirty I worked as an independent midwife in my own practice and I was a brand-new proud mother of our son Rein. As much as I loved my profession and motherhood, the serious and responsible life also distressed me. After the arrival of our daughter Coosje, the combination became too much. I examined (unfortunately without a coach) whether the direction I had chosen so firmly at the age of fourteen was still correct. Fortunately, I have found the courage to make a switch. I am still happy that I listened carefully to myself during that time: stop fulfilling expectations, whether they are your own or someone else's.

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