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Rates for career counselling and quarter life crisis

Interesting, such a coaching programme, but what does it cost? Usually, a coaching programme consists of six to eight coaching sessions of 1.5 hours over a period of four to six months, which is nine to twelve hours of coaching. We make a distinction in rates between individual sessions and rates for private individuals, self-employed persons and employers. This applies to career counselling as well as to coaching in quarter life crisis.

For private individuals we want to keep the hourly rate as low as possible. They are often still at the beginning of their career and a coaching programme is a major investment. We therefore charge €100,- per hour including VAT. When we coach for companies, we charge €165,- per hour. If you are self-employed, we charge €100,- per hour excluding VAT. In this way we want to accommodate self-employed people; out of loyalty (after all, we are also self-employed) and because the step to starting a coaching programme is sometimes a big one.

If you purchase more than a few individual sessions, you are also eligible for extra competitive prices with the ME Coach package. During the introductory meeting, our coach will tell you more about this. You will receive the ME Coach Workbook (valid €25,-) for free. Check out a preview of our workbook.

Career counselling: tax deduction

Career counselling can be deducted from the tax return under training costs. This applies to coaching sessions for individuals, employers and entrepreneurs. You get 30 to almost 50 percent back, depending on the tax scale you're in. Please note that career counselling must be related to income generation and/or improvement of your position on the labour market. There is a tax threshold of € 250.

Tax deduction for career guidance for employers and self-employed people

 Employers are subject to specific exemptions for career counselling. The costs are deductible as a business expense. Entrepreneurs and self-employed people can include the costs as entrepreneurial costs. For more information, please contact the Tax Authorities.

Note: During the introductory meeting, our coach will explain to you how this works. Please note that no rights can be derived from this information. Always check with your tax advisor.

Free introductory meeting

We understand that you don't just follow an entire coaching programme. That's why we offer you a free introductory meeting. After this meeting, it’s up to you to decide if you want to start a coaching programme.

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