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Why choose for ME?

  1. We are accessible and involved, before, after and during the coaching process
    Our coaches do not only help you during the coaching sessions, but also long after the coaching sessions have been ended. We are always available for your questions and regularly share relevant articles and tips with you.

  2. We work with the ME Coaching Workbook
    Our coaching workbook contains stimulating questions and insightful assignments. This is how we get started with your coaching question. Check a preview here: Download PDF

  3. We educate ourselves constantly and take time together for intervision
    Our eight coaches constantly exchange knowledge with eachother and engage in intervision. We keep our knowledge up to date with courses and workshops and meet the annual standard of our professional association for PE points. In this way you benefit from the knowledge and experience of all our coaches.

  4. We have an average of at least 10 years of coach- and work experience
    Our coaches are certified and have at least 10 years of coach- and work experience. Plus a good part of life experience. This combination contributes to their expertise and makes them Supercoaches.

What others say about us...


Experience the coaching process as very pleasant. During my trajectory, a lot happened in my life, both private and business. Through the conversations with Manou I got to know myself better and gave more direction to my career. In...

Nicole van Egmond

Very pleasant coaching process where the focus is placed on your strengths. The conversations give you more insight into who you are and what you can do, so that you can search more specifically for a job that suits you

Juliette Hentenaar

It was very educational for me and nice to have someone who thinks along with you about career questions.

Johannes Jansen

About 2 years ago I followed a coaching program at Manou. And I was happy with that! She can hold up the reflective mirror, listen, but sometimes also chat. This was very pleasant for me. I was very comfortable and she helped me a lot. Both...

Roxanne Filius

I got to know Manou during my Conscious Birth (pregnancy yoga) lessons. So I don't know her as a coach. Still I dare to say something. What is great about Manou is that she has also had complexities in her path, which she has not bypassed,...

Patricia Vriens