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Job coach Amsterdam: guidance in your career

Do you live in Amsterdam and are you looking for a job coach? The ME Company will be happy to help you. Together with you, our coaches will investigate the possible next step in your career. Your level of ambition and the balance between work and private life will also be discussed. This is how we help you choose what you really want.

How does our job coach in Amsterdam help you?

The ME Company is now active at various locations, but our base is in Amsterdam. For all cities, however, our coaches are well trained and professionally engaged in their profession. We only coach young professionals and are therefore specialised in the career issues of people in their twenties and thirties. Many millennials have the feeling that they are not in the right place with their current job. They know they want something else, but they don't know what. The balance between work and private life, the desire to meet other people's expectations, perfectionism and level of ambition often play a major role in the questions about their careers. Do you recognise this? Then we can certainly help you!

Our job coaches in Amsterdam work according to the Appreciative Inquiry method. This is based on what is already working for you; together we will create an ideal situation for the future. We will then look at the steps needed to achieve your dream situation. We will put together a step-by-step plan and help you to be assertive in making your dreams come true. If, for example, it turns out that you are not in the right job at the moment, we will help you to find a suitable follow-up job. We will offer you new perspectives and tips for using LinkedIn, so you can choose what you really want.

Job coaches in Amsterdam: Manou van Eerten, Nathalie Hugenholtz and Claudia Hettinga

Manou van Eerten, Nathalie Hugenholtz and Claudia Hettinga are our job coaches in Amsterdam... In addition to career counselling, Manou specialises in dealing with quarter life crisis. Claudia's specialism is executive coaching and Nathalie has further specialised in burn-out and job crafting. The ME Company Amsterdam is located at Hillegomstraat 12-1, 1058 LS in Amsterdam and can be reached via 020 2101 702.

Curious to know what our coaches can do for you? Make an appointment for a free introductory meeting! After this meeting, you decide if you want to go for a coaching programme.