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Job coach for Young Professionals

You have a decent job, a good income and nice colleagues. Still, you feel like you’re missing something, but what? Does this sound familiar? Then it’s time to talk to a job coach. Our coaches are well educated, have a lot of experience and help Young Professionals like you to make the right choices in their careers.

Job coach and career counselling

Taking the next step in your career is often difficult, especially if you don't know exactly what you want. What is an optimal work-life balance for you? What do you do with expectations from your surroundings that you think you have to meet? And how do you deal with a (too) high workload and ambition level/perfectionism? Our job coaches will guide you through your career. We help you with your career choices by discussing your qualities and teaching you how to be assertive. The job coach will also work with you to explore your motives and talents. In addition, we will support you in your search for a suitable follow-up job, if necessary.

The goal of career counselling is that you can ultimately choose what you really want. If you decide to start career counselling, we will determine the objective of your coaching programme in the first interview. This objective determines the topics for coaching and the further development of career counselling. We will draw up a step-by-step plan together. Our workbook will help you gain new insights and broaden your perspectives. If, during coaching, it turns out your question is broader than previously thought, for example when you are dealing with quarter life crisis, we can also help you.

Free introduction to your job coach

We will start the career counselling programme with an introductory interview. The purpose of this interview is to see if there is a click between you and the job coach. A successful coaching programme is determined more than half by smooth cooperation between you and your coach. This interview is free of charge. Only then do you decide whether you want to start the career counselling programme.

Plan a free meeting now

You can contact us for a job coach in Amsterdam, a job coach in Utrecht, a job coach in Rotterdam.