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Online Coaching

Life temporarily stops, but you don't! Fortunately neither do we. This period of working from home and living at home brings new questions. How do you stay motivated when you don't see your colleagues? What do you do with doubts about your career? How do you proceed to determine the next step in your career?

We like to think along with you regarding your career or typical life questions around the age of thirty. We do this through online coaching via a secure online connection.

Efficient coaching on your specific question

In a short online coaching process, we will address the question that is most important to you. That requires you to have a specific question. So nice and efficient.

The strength of an online process is that there is more room for reflection on a question, because you can answer at your own time. You have more time to reflect on questions that are asked online by your coach. We combine the methods of email and video calling. We therefore alternate seeing and agreeing with not seeing and writing. You experience the power of a-synchrony.

Free introduction?

We think it is important that it clicks between you and your coach. That is why we first schedule a short introductory meeting. This is an online call via a secure online connection for video calling.

Plan a free meeting now


Because online coaching is a different form than face to face coaching, we offer a shorter coaching process. A private route therefore costs € 297,- including VAT and consists of 3 one-hour coaching conversations. We ask self-employed professionals € 297,- excluding VAT. We ask companies € 447,- excluding VAT. If 3 sessions do not prove enough, you can supplement the process with separate sessions.