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Coach: Fedde Germans

In 2001, I graduated as a construction management engineer and three years later I completed my Business Administration studies. After having worked in the international banking sector for five years, I made the transition to strategic consultancy and focused on change processes within organizations. I noticed that change processes were not so much difficult because of flawed processes or strategies, but more often had to do with human behaviour, interests and cooperation. In spite of my technical background, the fascination for human behaviour and its motives as a descendant of family doctors was in my blood. I enjoy investigating things that really matter.

What were you like in your thirties and what was your quarter life crisis?

During my consultancy work, one of my clients told me that I was very good at coaching people. My background as an engineer told me that coaching was something for softies. But deep inside I knew it was my love and passion. Asking 'what am I doing it for', letting go of the upward trend of a career (and all those colleagues who think you’re crazy) and starting your own business in the middle of a financial crisis made me feel like I had lived through several quarter life crises in my thirties.

Fedde in his thirties

How do you help Millenials / why should a Millennial be coached by you?

After completing my Master's degree in coaching in 2009, I coached many people with all kinds of life or career issues. The people I have coached describe me as a trusting, humorous person with both feet on the ground. I will absolutely push your limits and will do so in a charming and safe way. Based on my experience, I know what it's like to be allowed to make choices outside your comfort zone. You’ve explored everything there is within your comfort zone. In my experience, personal growth lies just outside your comfort zone and, although sometimes painful, you need courage to explore the unknown, which is also very exciting. I’ll be happy to help you with that!


  • Millennial coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Private Work Balance
  • Transformational coaching


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Fedde Germans - Millennialscoach at The ME Company

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