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Manou van Eerten is an entrepreneur and coaching expert for millennials. She coaches people in their twenties and thirties as well as their managers.

Manou is married and mother of two young daughters. She spends as much time as possible with her family

Who is Manou and what drives her?

Kindergarten teacher or riding instructor. That’s what Manou wanted to become as a young girl. In high school she was no longer sure about this. After her final exams, Manou went to France and Israel for a year to volunteer. In Israel, she became fascinated by how people from diverse backgrounds view the same facts differently.

“My Israeli friends told me to watch out for the Bedouins who lived near the kibbutz. Later, however, when I went to work for a Christian-Palestinian restaurant, they said I had to watch out for the Israelis. I was less independent in my thinking than I thought’’.

That was an eye-opener and turned out to be the basis for her further career.

From a Master in Social and Cultural Anthropology to coach training

When she returned to the Netherlands, Manou moved from a village near Groningen to Amsterdam. At VU Amsterdam, she studied Social and Cultural Anthropology. After her Master’s, she started working as a lecturer in Interventionology and a thesis supervisor at VU Amsterdam. Fascinated by the practice of organizational change, Manou made the switch to an organizational consultancy firm, wrote a book about the introduction of the Social Support Act (Wmo) and subsequently became an organizational consultant.

Still, it wasn’t what she was looking for: ‘’What I found really interesting within organizations was what was (and wasn’t) said between people.”

Manou began to doubt whether she really wanted to be an organizational consultant and decided to do more with her interest in people. She followed a coaching course and specialized in millennials:

‘’People in their twenties and thirties are at the beginning of their careers and have to deal with big life-deciding decisions, such as choice of partner, the desire to have children, living situation and
workplace. The current generation of 20/30ers has a lot of knowledge and possibilities, but at the same time they find it difficult to choose what they really want. That vulnerability appeals to me. I want to empower people in making choices from the heart. I try to get someone to do just a little bit more than they actually dare to do every time and I’ll them discover that it’s exciting and also fun to take a first step outside your comfort zone.”

me biografie manou van eerten

Manou van Eerten

Millennial expert and
founder of The ME Company

– Master Social and Cultural Anthropology, VU Amsterdam
– Lecturer and researcher Interventionology, VU Amsterdam
– Organizational consultant, specialized in care and welfare
– LVSC certified coach and Stir certified team coach
– Regional coordinator LVSC
– Millennial expert
– Founder The ME Company

– Alles over Millennials
(All about Millennials) (ebook)
– Monthly blog for the magazine:
Management and Consulting
– Monthly blog Via Vacature
– Multiple articles Personeelsnet –
Vele gezichten van de Wmo
(Many faces of the Social Support Act)

– Married to Edward.
– Two daughters: Isa (6) and Amelié (9)

Focus on the employers of millennials

Through many coaching sessions, Manou became aware of the vulnerable position of millennials in the workplace. This made her
decide to also focus on coaching the managers of millennials. She finds it regrettable how some managers make young people unintentionally insecure and sometimes worse. Manou regularly speaks to clients whose self-confidence have been shaken by a manager, which still affects them three jobs later.

“This is not ill will on the part of managers, it’s inability. If I can explain the perspective of millennials to employers, a whole world opens upto them. This leads to mutual understanding, more kindness and more guidance for people in their twenties and thirties. It also ensures that organizations discover new ways in which they can be attractive to this fantastic generation.”


Besides being a coach, Manou is also an entrepreneur. As an independent coach she started The ME Company in 2012 on her own. That leap of faith turned out to be a golden decision. The ME Company now has seven coaches and is active in four Dutch cities, and Tel Aviv, Israel. Manou is also asked as an expert on millennials for media appearances and as a speaker. Manou uses the freedom of entrepreneurship to spend time with her husband and two young daughters.

“I am very grateful that I seized the opportunity to become an entrepreneur.
Before I started, I had big doubts about going for this opportunity – my own quarter life crisis – but now I consider it the best step in my career.”

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